RSS 게시판 2.0 /data/JWIZARD_7.0.0_kmu/sites/gmba/ ko 경영대학원 글로벌 MBA학과 운영을 위한 내규 /bbs/gmba/6936/86339/ 2019-09-26 09:37:42.0 김지원 To extend Your D-2 visa /bbs/gmba/6936/73668/ 2018-09-14 16:48:43.0 송근유 To Extend Your D-2 visa- 신청서(Application form)- 외국인 등록증(AR Card)- 수수료(Fee, 60,000won)- Certificate of enrollment- Certificate of tuition payment- Transcript- Document which verifies your place of sojourn in Korea - If you live in dormitory, you can submit 입사확인서(Confirmation of entering dormitory)- I 비자변경 서류 안내(D-10 -- D-2) /bbs/gmba/6936/73667/ 2018-09-14 16:47:06.0 송근유 D-10(구직) 비자에서 D-2(유학비자) 변경시 필요 서류 - 표준입학허가서(Certificate of Admission)- 등록금 납입증명서(Certoficate of Payment)- 잔고증명서(Bank statement)- 여권(Passport)- 신청서(Application)- 외국인 등록증(AR Card)- 여권사진(Photo)- 수수료(Fee, 130,000won)- 최종학력입증서류(Certificate of Graduation)- 결핵검진확인서(Certificate of Tuberculosis)